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Double-Concave Lens

Plano-concave cylindrical lenses provide uni-axial negative imaging for anamorphic beam expansion and a wide range of applications. These lenses are manufactured from UV transmitting Fused Silica and are supplied uncoated. Anti-reflection coatings are available as listed earlier in this section.

Other Coatings

Other Coatings, A-Star Photonics can also supply many other custom-made coatings upon customers’ request, like Metal Coating, AL Coating, AG Coating, Au Coating, MgF2 P-coating etc.

Glan Talor Polarizer

Glan Taylor prism polarizer is made of two same birefringent material prisms that are assembled with an air space. It has a length to aperture ratio less than 1.0 makes it a relatively thin polarizer.


Nd:YAG is the most early and mature laser rod material adopted by R&D, medical ,industrial and military customs. it is ubiquitous presence for near-infrared solid-state lasers and their frequency-doubler .tripler.

Cylindrical Lens

Cylindrical lenses are used to correct astigmatism in the eye and in rangefinders, to produce astigmatism, trenching a point of light into a line, they are widely used in bar code scanning, projection optics systems, laser measurement systems and holography.

CaF2 Window

CaF2 Window (Calcium Fluoride Window) is the most advantage product from A-Star’s Plano Workshop. Fluorides are usually toxic to humans, however CaF2 is considered relatively harmless due to its extreme insolubility.

08Feb 2017

LBO crystal is one of the most versatile nonlinear optical crystal materials available. It has a very broad transmission range from vacuum UV to mid infrared, a very high damage threshold (actually the highest among the common nonlinear crystals) and is capable of noncritical phase matching (NCPM) in the near IR region, making it the material of […]

20Apr 2017

A-Star supplier Low Price BBO Crystal We are specialized in the production of various specifications of optical components according to the customers’ demand,  And we are committed our standard more than ten years to offering our customers with excellent products, reasonable prices and high level of service. BBO Crystal / beta-BaB2O4(BBO) Beta-BaB2O4 is a nonlinear optical crystal which combines […]

15Feb 2017

A-Star’s Spherical Lens http://www.astarphotonics.com/product-showcase/optics-Lenses/     Stock Spherical Lenses Ready for Purchase Available in Glass and Crystalline Materials with a Variety of Standard and Custom Coatings Stock to Custom, from Design and Prototype to Volume Production Manufactures stock and custom spherical optics to suit any application. From singlet and doublet optical lenses to ball lenses […]

15Feb 2017

A-Star are the leading Potassium Titanyl Arsenate supplier for NLO crystal, We has been exported to all over the world. As one of KTP’s isomorphs, Potassium Titanyl Arsenate (KTiOAsO4 or KTA) is an excellent NLO crystal developed recently for NLO devices and OPO applications. Compared to KTP crystal, Potassium Titanyl Arsenate has stable chemical and […]

15Feb 2017

Calcium Fluoride – CaF2 Lenses We have own  facility for Caf2 Lens. That is why we offer Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) lenses at very competitive price – up to 60% lower than major online optical catalogs! CaF² is used for optical purposes as windows, prisms and lenses, transmitting from the vacuum ultraviolet into the infrared. Caf2 is a […]

27Mar 2017

A-Star photonics inc. manufactures lens assemblies A-Star photonics inc. manufactures lens assemblies designed in house, to satisfy stringent optical, mechanical and environmental performance specifications using a minimum number of optical elements. A-Star photonics inc. optics lens sub-assemblies rely on the unique combination of optical components, spherical lenses, superior coatings and its experienced optical and mechanical designers. […]

19Jan 2017
BBO Crystal Workshop

China BBO Crystal BBO Crystal Manufacturer in China – A-Star Photonics BBO crystal is a nonlinear crystal(NLO crystal) with combination of number of unique features. China A-Star Photonics is the original BBO crystals manufacturer who guaranteed 10 days rapid delivery for most dimensions. China A-Star’s NLO Crystals include BBO Crystal, LBO Crystal, LiNbO3 Crystal, MgO:LiNbO3 Crystal, […]

02Mar 2017

A-Star’s plano concave lenses We can supply any kinds of Optics Lenses with most competitive price and high quality A-Star are the leading optics lenses supplier for Plano Concave Lenses, We has been exported to all over the world. Plano Concave Lenses Plano-Concave Lenses are ideal for beam expansion, light projection, or for expanding an optical […]

11Mar 2017

A-Star’s Achromatic Wave Plate Requires OEM quantity pricing. Please contact us if you have custom requirements. Achromatic Wave Plate Specifications: 1.Achromatic waveplate material:Birefringent crystals 2.Dimension Tolerance:+0.0/-0.2mm 3.S/D:40/20 4.Parallelism<10arc Achromatic Waveplate / Achromatic Wave plate Achromatic waveplate is similar to zero order waveplate except that the two plates are made from different briefringent crystals.Since the dispersion […]